Attention all fashion enthusiasts and Adidas Originals aficionados! EnLawded is excited to introduce a brand-new feature that’s set to improve your shopping experience – the “Account Funds” feature. This innovative addition offers you the flexibility to load your EnLawded account, allowing you to navigate the extensive collection of rare jackets and t-shirts with ease.

In this new post, we’ll focus on three key aspects of this feature: the flexible deposit range, incremental value, and the ability to make partial payments at checkout. We’ll also explore the payment methods available for reloading your account funds, including PayPal, credit card, Coinbase, and Klarna. This is done behind the scenes using the YITH WooCommerce Account Funds WordPress plugin.

Flexible Deposit Range

One of the standout features of EnLawded’s “Add Funds to Account” feature is the wide-ranging flexibility it provides. You can initiate your account by loading it with a minimum deposit of just $100, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of shoppers. Whether you’re looking to make occasional purchases or you’re a dedicated collector, this feature accommodates your needs. Additionally, for those who wish to enjoy an even more extensive shopping spree, the maximum deposit limit is set at $8000. This flexibility ensures that EnLawded caters to shoppers with varying preferences and budgets, making it easier than ever to explore and acquire our exclusive Adidas Originals items.

Incremental Value: $50 and Beyond

Understanding that every shopper is unique, EnLawded has made it easy for you to top up your account funds incrementally. This incremental approach allows you to tailor your account balance precisely to your shopping requirements. Whether you’re eyeing a single rare jacket or planning a larger haul, you have the freedom to add funds in increments that align with your purchase goals. It’s all about putting you in control and ensuring your shopping experience is seamless and satisfying.

Partial Payments at Checkout: Mix and Match Payment Methods

EnLawded’s commitment to convenience doesn’t end with deposit flexibility. With the Account Funds feature, you can now make partial payments at checkout, combining your account funds with other preferred payment methods. Imagine finding that coveted Adidas Originals jacket and being able to pay a portion of the cost using the funds you’ve loaded into your EnLawded account. This flexibility enables you to manage your finances efficiently and ensures that you can secure the items you desire without delay. It’s all about offering you the freedom to choose how you pay, enhancing your shopping experience even further.

Reload Your Account with Ease: PayPal, Credit Card, Coinbase, and Klarna

Reloading your EnLawded account is a breeze, thanks to our convenient payment methods. You can use PayPal, credit card, Coinbase, or Klarna to add funds to your account quickly and securely. This wide range of payment options ensures that you can top up your balance using the method that suits you best. Whether you prefer the ease of PayPal, the familiarity of your credit card, the convenience of Coinbase, or the flexibility of Klarna, EnLawded has you covered.

In conclusion

EnLawded’s Funds to Account feature is all about providing you with flexibility, convenience, and control. We’ve designed this feature with your needs in mind. Elevate your shopping experience, explore our collection of rare Adidas Originals jackets and t-shirts, and make the most of this exciting addition. Click here to create a new account and take advantage of this new feature.