Expensive is even a weak word here. In light of the present global recession and the decreased purchasing power of people all around the world, I have been receiving several inquiries concerning our product prices as I mark the blog’s 10-year anniversary. I am aware that some of our pricing may seem excessive, but I would like to use this opportunity to clarify why some Adidas Originals shirts and jackets from our collection are so pricey in 2023 and 2024.

Why Adidas Originals items of this store are so expensive?

It’s crucial to realize that the items in our collection are not simply any old shirts and coats. They were mostly created by Adidas Originals between 2005 and 2006, and they have been around for more than 15 years. These items are regarded as being uncommon, unique, limited edition, and difficult to locate nowadays.

They are not just three-stripe goods; they always have something extra, more detail, more embroidered signs and iconography, and occasionally a very researched significance. They have sentimental value and are attached to me as the collector. Some items have a strong meaning.

I was an enthusiast when I first began collecting Adidas Originals. I went crazy trying to get every collector item I could get my hands on, and I did extensive study on every thing Adidas issued, why they released them, who or what was mentioned, a tribute or a memorial. I tried to comprehend why Adidas made an effort to create unique goods that might have special worth in the future. I made an effort to comprehend the brand’s essence and core principles through its merchandise.

A sincere effort was made to indicate the products’ details

Although I am aware that some of my pricing may seem exorbitant, I want to reassure you that it is not for counterfeit or phony Adidas clothing. The pricing of each item has been carefully considered to account for its scarcity, uniqueness, and sentimental worth.

It’s also crucial to remember that this entire shop is an honest effort made in good faith, with no intention of misleading customers. A lot of work has gone into providing accurate information about the jackets and t-shirts offered, including size, materials, and current state; for example, if the item is used rather than brand new, the price will reflect that fact. Because of this, various goods from the same sub-collection may have varying prices online.

While I understand that the prices of my products may appear high, I want to reassure you that they are genuine Adidas clothing with sentimental value, rarity, and exclusivity, not counterfeit or imitations. I am confident that my prices are reasonable and accurately reflect the value of my jackets and shirts.

I firmly believe that Adidas Originals is a fantastic brand. Even though the majority of my items are available on eBay for ten times the going rate on EnLawded, I don’t give a damn because on my site, everything is 100% available, right now, and there’s a great chance to see the status “In Stock”.

Please, right now, go and kindly search for the desired jacket on eBay or DePop, or even Grailed; you are unlikely to find it there when you need it, at the price you want, or, most importantly, in the size you want. It will probably be a XXXL size, or XXL, or XS, and it will be in terrible shape—a terrible deal. I have blatant arrogance about the caliber of my shit on EnLawded.com, please trust me, prices are 1000% justified.

I’ve meticulously cared for and preserved every item in my collection over the course of ten or fifteen years. I even went so far as to preservice the clothing’s quality, cotton content, and unique materials. I’m going to charge you for that, and most of the client I already have know it… I appreciate your understanding.