Soundtrack name: Maggma

When I first launched EnLawded in 2013, I was an Adidas Originals superfan with a collection of over 180 special track tops and t-shirts, mostly collector models and limited editions. I wanted to showcase my beloved items and the stories behind their acquisition, so I created a blog and called it EnLawded.

To mark the launch of the blog, I even went so far as to produce and compose an official music track for the site and uploaded it to the SoundCloud platform. But as the blog gained popularity, I received a lot of harassment from people trying to buy my jackets. I was so attached to my collection that the idea of selling it was unthinkable. So, I decided to shut down EnLawded and keep my collection to myself.

Fast forward to January 2023, and my passion for Adidas Originals has waned. I’ve grown up, and I’ve realized that it’s time to let go of my collection. So, I’ve decided to create an online shop and sell my entire collection piece by piece.

Even though my song didn’t gain a huge audience and the blog and the sound just didn’t buzz and go viral. But the sound is still available and listenable, it serves as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me and for those who were a part of the EnLawded community back in 2013.

Pay attention to the bass and the accumulation of instruments

So, whether you’re a long-time fan of the blog or are just discovering it for the first time, be sure to give the official soundtrack a listen and remember the bold, enthusiastic spirit that first brought the followers together. And if you’re interested, you can now purchase a piece of that history by visiting my online shop.

When I created the song back in 2013, I was an amateur in the field of music production. I made the sound myself on my computer with a midi keyboard, using the software Cubase. It was a fun and creative process, but I’m not a sound engineer, so the song lacks the mastering and fine tuning that a professional could provide. I remember that the bass may sound a bit aggressive and unbalanced, but it was the best I could do at the time.

I want to be transparent and let everyone know that I am not a professional recording engineer and the soundtrack of EnLawded is not perfect, but still it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. If you are a sound engineer, if you have some skills in that domain and would like to volunteer to master the track, I would be more than happy to hear from you. I believe that with some fine-tuning, the song could reach its full potential and be enjoyed by even more people.

In conclusion, the EnLawded previous blog and its official soundtrack are a reminder of a time when I was a young and enthusiastic Adidas Originals collector and fan, with a passion for collecting and sharing my favorite items. Even though the sound may not be perfect, it serves as a nostalgic trip down memory lane and I hope it can also be enjoyed by others. So give it a listen, and let me know what you think.