A store ought to have a social media online presence

My blog EnLawded was truly a labor of love. I’ve been an avid supporter of Adidas Originals for as long as I can remember, and over the years, I’ve gathered more than 150 unique track tops and t-shirts, the majority of which are collector models, limited editions, and difficult to locate items. I made the decision to display my most exquisite possessions on my EnLawded blog back in 2013. I couldn’t see ever selling my possessions since I was so sentimentally tied to them and the tale of how I came to own them.

As it turns out, lots of individuals visited my blog and harassingly messaged me in an attempt to purchase the coats. After some time, I ultimately made the decision to discontinue the blog and keep my writing to myself. However, 10 years later, in January 2023, I have come to the conclusion that my love for Adidas Originals is over and that I am no longer a child. As a result, I have finally made the decision to open an online store and sell every item in my collection.

I’ve chosen to ensure that EnLawded has a significant online presence on 7 of the most significant platforms available: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter in order to assist me reach the broadest audience possible. Why each of these sites is so important for my collection is as follows:


To present my collection in a visually pleasing manner, I have set up a Pinterest account. I may use Pinterest to make boards for my collection’s various highlights, such as “Limited Editions,” “Vintage Pieces,” and “Hard-to-Find Items.” This makes it simple for them to find what they’re looking for and enables me to reach a specific audience that is interested in these kinds of products.


One of the most widely used social media sites is Facebook, therefore I want to make sure that as many people as possible may see my collection there. EnLawded now has a Facebook page where I can post updates on new products I’ve added to my collection, behind-the-scenes images, and more. This makes it possible for me to interact personally and effectively with a large audience.


A visual medium like Instagram is ideal for presenting my collection. I’ve set up an Instagram account where I can share both professional photos of my possessions and candid pictures of the gathering process. In addition to helping to create a sense of community around my collection, this enables me to reach a younger, more fashionable audience.


I’ve chosen to utilize Flickr to present my collection in a more creative manner because it’s a terrific platform for photographers and collectors. I set up a Flickr account so I could upload high-resolution pictures of my things as well as images of them in various contexts and situations. This enables me to exhibit my goods in a distinctive and intriguing manner and connect with a more art-savvy audience.


I’ve chosen to use YouTube to provide my audience an even more thorough insight at my collection because it is the ideal platform for creating video content. I’ve started a YouTube channel where I can upload videos that show how I build my collection and the buying process works. This enables me to connect with a larger audience and provide my followers with a more engaging and personalized experience.


TikTok is a fantastic venue for showing off my collection in a lighthearted and imaginative manner. I’ve made a TikTok account where I can share quick films that inventively highlight my products. This enables me to engage a younger audience and present my goods in a more jovial and enjoyable manner.


Twitter is a fantastic medium for publishing updates and having real-time conversations with my audience. I can offer quick updates about new items in my collection, behind-the-scenes images, and more by setting up a Twitter account for EnLawded. This makes it possible for me to interact with a large audience in a more direct and rapid manner.

Twitter is a fantastic networking tool for interacting with other collectors and Adidas fans. I may utilize it to connect with other collectors who share my enthusiasm and to express my opinions on the most recent Adidas arrivals and fashions. I may also use Twitter to advertise my online store and to inform my followers about special offers and discounts.